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Benefits of training with us

  • Expand your knowledge
  • Increase your earning potential.
  • Great for salons to bring in more customers and/or offer more services.
  • Work hours to suit you - great for stay-at-home mums.
  • Learn the latest and best methods for installing hair extensions.
  • Learn more about running your business.
  • Get gold standard products and support from Enchantress Hair™


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How the 'Pofessional Course' day will go:

Start time: 10.00am

  • A welcome from the founder and partner of Enchantress hair, followed by an introduction to the class trainer and a summary of her extensive experience of 30 years within the industry.
  • A brief class introduction of students will follow and itinerary of the day ahead.
  • A talk will be given about Enchantress Hair, our methods and the potential profits and benefits extensions can make for your business and marketing.
  • The students will then be given their equipment and given time to look at it.
  • A talk on health and safety will then be given to promote safe working practice.
  • The trainer will then talk through the practical side of the installation of hair extensions, working through the work sheet with the students and also demonstrating on a manikin head.

Break: 11.30am

  • Fresh pastries served with coffee and tea

Resume: 11.45am

  • Working though what can be achieved for the client, consultation practice, colour matching
  • A practical session will now take place to give students a chance to try their new equipment for themselves.

Lunchtime: 1.15 - 1.45pm

  • A talk on professional practice, conduct and confidentiality when dealing with clients.
  • The second practical session to again familiarise the students further.
  • Questions and answers session to ensure all of the students are happy so far.

Afternoon break 2.30 - 2.45pm

  • Coffee, tea and cakes will be served.

Resume 2.45pm

  • Extensive practical work and practice for the remaining time of the afternoon. Followed by the final questions and answers session.
  • An assessment by the trainer will take place after this. Providing the trainer is happy with the standard of work carried out by the student an certificate will be presented to the student.
  • Finally the students will be asked to fill in a work sheet to give their option of the day and provide any improvements the course may benefit from.

Course finishes 5.00pm

The students have a free return policy that invites them to come back without charge if they feel they need further support.

Please contact us for more information about our courses.



Fairfield House

Do you want to train to a higher class of hair extension installation as approved by leading authorities?

We will teach you how to install hair extensions properly and responsibly so you can build a profitable business for yourself.

At the Enchantress Hair™ School we are committed to ensuring that all installers we train operate in an ethical and professional manner.

We offer two different courses for qualified and non-qualified hairdressers. You don't need to be a stylist to install our hair extensions, you just need to have a bit of creative flare. You will learn about hair, hair extensions and business practice.

Our courses take place in our beautiful Georgian home in Cullompton, Devon which provides a relaxed but productive environment for learning and gaining experience. It is also situated in a gorgeous location providing stunning rural views. You will enjoy a day of country air and productive learning.

During our courses we'll pamper you with fresh coffee, tea and pastries to keep your energy up during the day. At the end of the course you will leave with a goodie bag containing a few special treats.

Become an expert

Currently the hair extension business is worth £60m in the UK and over £25 billion worldwide.

It is also unregulated here in the UK. This won't last. We are working closely with the various organisations to ensure that, when regulation does come in, our courses comply with all the rules.

We will look after you and be in regular contact whilst you set up and are in business. We provide you with your very own Business Manager who you can consult at anytime for advice.

Don't underestimate what you can do for women (and men) with hair extensions, the rewards for yourself and the client are considerable. Hair extensions can boost a woman's self-esteem and confidence in any situation.

We specialise in hair extensions and hair reconstruction. We keep up to date with what's happening in the industry and update our courses to include any appropriate new material. We are a progressive company and will pass on our knowledge and experience to you.

Gold standard courses

We offer a range of courses for the qualified and also courses for those with less experience but who are interested in learning how to install hair extesions.

If you are unsure which course is best for you please contact us for more information.

Professional course

To be eligible for our professional course you must be a qualified hairdresser to NVQ level 2 or higher. This ensures you have the required level of knowledge and experience to gain the most from our Professional Course and to gain certification.

We only work in small, intimate groups so you will receive special attention throughout the day.

Our courses include a certificate of authenticity and each course includes CPD.

We believe we use the least aggressive methods and materials to attach hair extensions. We will show you the best methods for installing hair extensions so you can keep your clients happy and coming back for more of your great service.

Be part of a fast growing and highly paid service in the salon industry. Increase your customer base by being able to offer more services.

Cost: £450

Beginner's course

Don't worry if you are not a qualified hairdresser. You are still able to learn how to install hair extensions on our course for beginners or non-qualified.

You will still gain a wealth of knowledge and experience and we will still support you as you begin your new business.

You will also receive a certificate from Enchantress Hair™ School to show you have completed our course and have attained a level of competence in hair extension installation.

If you are training to be a hairdresser, our course will gain you credit towards your hairdressing qualification.

Cost: £450


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