Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions that often get asked about hair extensions. Feel free to contact us if you need more information or have further questions.

Does it hurt?

No. The installation process is completely painless. Enchantress Hair™ extensions are of the highest quality and are very light. This means they will place very little stress on your hair. Initially you may notice some extra weight in your hair but you will soon become accustomed to it and you will hardly know you have had extensions installed.

Will the extensions damage my hair?

Don't believe all of the horror stories you hear. As long as extensions have been applied correctly, properly maintained, and properly removed they will cause little or no damage to your own hair (depending on the quality of your hair to begin with). Picking at bonds and being rough whilst brushing causes the most damage. Most people find that the extensions have helped their own hair grow quite a bit over the time they are in and also improved the condition of it. Please take extra care in all aspects of maintenance if you have naturally fine or thin hair as the extensions and bonds do put a slight added strain on the roots. Being as gentle as possible minimises damage to your own hair, and although extensions should cause little or no damage, it helps to treat them carefully as it is an unnatural process which may take your scalp time to adjust to.

Do I need long hair to have hair extensions?

If you have at least 3” of your own hair to begin we can install hair extensions onto your own hair. If you have less hair, are thinning, suffer from hair loss due to nutritional problems, alopecia, etc. we also offer ways of rebuilding your hair. Please contact us for more details.

I’ve lost hair from cancer treatment. Can I have hair extensions?

Yes. We recommend waiting around 6 months after treatment has finished to give your own hair a chance to stabilise. We would be happy to discuss options with you for rebuilding your hair back to it’s original state (or even better).

I don't have much hair. Can I have hair extensions?

Yes. We can sculpt you a new look or rebuild your old look. Please contact us for a free consultation where we will take you through the best options for you.

What can damage my hair extensions?

Please see the questions below for how to care for your bonds and extensions.

How should I care for the bonds and extensions?

  • Gently separate the bonds every few days to help avoid knotting and to prevent the bonds pulling on each other as this could weaken your hair.
  • Only have your extensions removed by a trained hair extension installer. Removing them yourself could damage your hair.
  • Hold your hair while brushing and don’t brush too vigorously.

Can I remove my extensions myself?

We do not recommend removing your extensions yourself. You could cause damage to your hair which could take a long time to repair.

Should I take a break between installations?

If you care for your hair properly there is no reason you can’t have new extensions installed immediately after a previous installation has been removed.

Can my extensions fall out?

It is normal for some extensions to fall out during the life of the installation. Our hair sheds naturally so it is also normal to see your own hair on bonds.

Can I style my hair with extensions

Yes, you can wear your hair in almost any style including wearing it up,tying it back in ponytails and french plaits with extensions that you can with your own hair. You do need to take care that you don’t put any pressure on the bonds.

Are the bonds visible?

Some bonds may be visible in certain circumstances, such as

  • if they haven’t been installed correctly.
  • as they grow down.
  • if your hair is greasy.
  • on a windy day the bonds may be exposed if your hair blow up.
  • when you’re wearing your hair back e.g. in a ponytail - concealing bonds in a ponytail is possible.

Can extensions give volume to my hair?

Yes! Installing hair extensions is like creating a sculpture giving length and volume to your hair.

Are extensions used more than once?

We use extensions once only. We believe you deserve the best hair and the best bonds - only new extensions will provide this.

Can I colour my extensions?

You can colour your extensions but please keep the colour away from the bonds as it could cause them to weaken and break. If you choose to colour them you do so at your own risk.

How long does it take to install hair extensions?

Usually about 3 hours. We offer a comfortable, relaxed environment so the time spent having your extensions installed will be enjoyable.

Do you use clip-ins?

No. Repetitive clipping can damage your hair. We only use bonds that will protect your hair and help prevent damage.

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