Our aims

The aims of Enchantress Hair™ are to provide our customers the best possible selection of hair extensions at competitive prices.

We primarily supply fusion and hair extension tools. However, if we do not have the product you require, we are able to source many other ranges of hair extension methods.

Enchantress Hair™ extensions have been tested to ensure the bonds are strong so they don't shed or slip.

We are now supplying some of the top salons around the world. Our customers know they can rely on its quality and beauty to use on their clients.

You will find doing business with us easy and friendly. Customer quality assurance is of the upmost importance to us.

We hope with this commitment in mind you will return to us for all of your hair extension requirements.

"Enchantress Hair™ Commitment." Keeping our costs down.....
Enchantress™ are 100% committed to providing you with the finest hair extensions and extension products. We believe that superior quality hair extensions should be available to everyone and as such we do our best to keep our costs down.

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Here at Enchantress Hair™ we only use the softest, silkiest Remy/virgin hair and all hair is cuticle correct which means it faces the same way to avoid tangling.

The hair comes in a wide range of colours and styles so you can choose to have curly, straight or fantasy colours.

The hair extensions are easy to apply and remove due to the finest quality organic protein-based bonds. This ensures there will be no damage to your hair.

The bonds can be cut to suit the requirements and have low melting points which means they are easy to use without damaging your hair. We also install using the strand-by-strand method which is most sympathetic to your hair.

Taking care of "Remy" hair extensions doesn't need expensive products, just a mild shampoo and conditioner and gentle washing at least once a week.

We will be happy to advise you on how to take care of your new hair extensions. All the hair we use comes from a reputable source, upholding strong ethical codes.

With over 10 years in the trade we have a learnt a thing or two.

Enchantress Hair™ hair is ethically gathered from the finest sources around the world meaning we supply and use only superior quality hair extensions, that's the difference with Enchantress Hair™.

Silky smooth and tangle free

The demand for our hair is based on its beauty, softness and the fact it has had little, if any, chemical treatment. This ensures it's durable and tangle-free. As it has had very little processing compared to all other brands a few differences are evident.

Our hair feels significantly lighter than the hair our competitors supply and install. When wet the hair isn't water-logged and springy or woolly. As such our hair dries much faster than extensions you may have used previously.

Each bond is much fuller. More hair can be added to the bond because the hair is considerably lighter in weight.

Our hair is therefore more sympathetic to the hair on the head.

Enchantress Hair™ extensions can be washed, coloured and treated as if they were your own hair.

Enchantress Hair™ bonds are made of the highest quality. They aren't sticky and they don't shed.

They also attach at a very low melting temperature so again, risks associated with extensions are minimised considerably.

They can also be trimmed and reduced in width or length to suit.

The hair you install and the thickness you will have will stay for the life of your extensions unlike some other methods where a lot of shedding will occur.

How we mix our colours......

Everyone's hair is made up of many different colours, it's never one block colour even if it appears so. there will be a lot of different tones our eyes pick, often without us consciously realising.

To achieve the colour of our hair we consider the following....

The colour of our hair is a complex result of three properties, all of which contribute to the mix of wavelength in light leaving the surface of an object.

The perceived colour is then influenced by the ambient illumination (or light) and the other objects near by and of course how the eye and brain perceive this.

Did you know?

It has been estimated that humans can distinguish approximately 10 million colours.

Colour is the visual effect that is caused by the spectrum compositions of the light emitted, transmitted or reflected by objects.

In short...

To obtain the most natural colours in the most unprocessed way we mix many different colours to achieve the colour we want!

The result...

A beautiful natural colour of the highest quality with virtually no or little processing.

This is why processed hair will never look natural.

We have done the hard work so you don't have to. All you need to do is install.


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