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Who can have hair extensions?

Almost anyone can have hair extensions. They are more than a fashion accessory as a lot of people might think.

Hair extensions will boost your self-esteem and confidence as you know that your hair will look great. Installing hair extensions is like creating a work of art, a sculpture of which you can be proud.

A few examples of how hair extensions can help you feel good about your hair:

  • if you want more volume and/or length to your hair.
  • if you have thinning hair.
  • if you've lost hair for any reason including cancer treatment.
  • if you want a particular hair style that you can't acheive with your own hair.
  • they are perfect for that special wedding hair style


Wind blowing blond hair

Please contact us for a free consultation on how Enchantress Hair™ extensions could help you achieve the perfect hair for you.

A warm welcome

Enchantress Hair™ specialise in superior quality human-hair extensions, transforming the way you look and feel!

If you have always wanted full, glamorous hair and you feel yours lets you down we can help you achieve a new look with lustrous, thick natural-looking hair.

Enchantress Hair™ is personally sourced ethically in Russia. We don't use other brands and we know that our hair is of the finest quality.

We're confident Enchantress Hair™ is superior to any other brand on the market ... and more affordable.

To see what makes us unique and why you'll be happy to choose us for your hair extension needs please visit the Click here for more info and to make a booking.


We will teach you how to install hair extensions properly and responsibly so you can build a profitable business for yourself.

At Enchantress Hair™ we are committed to ensuring that all installers we train operate in an ethical and professional manner.

You don't need to be a stylist to install our hair extensions, just have a bit of creative flare. You will learn about hair, hair extensions and business practice.

Click here for more info and to make a booking.

Hair Reconstruction

We will soon be offering Enchantress Hair™ reconstruction.

You do not need to suffer through hair loss. If you have thinning hair or have lost hair for any reason please ask us how we can provide you with a full head of hair that looks and behaves as naturally as your own hair.

Please visit our hair loss page for more information.

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